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About YYC3D

YYC 3D specializes in creating self-guided 3D tours of spaces in Calgary and surrounding areas by providing a Google Street View like experience to your property. Our unique combination of real estate photography and 3D Photography walk-throughs will immerse your clients in the complete buying experience. Focusing on Real Estate, Commercial Spaces, Hotels, Restaurants, Insurance Services, Public Venues and Auto Dealerships, YYC 3D enhances the customer experience and give your listing or company the competitive edge it needs in a over-crowded industry.

YYC3D came into being because we saw that traditional marketing & photography is changing FAST. Consumers spend hours online researching and that trend is not going to go away any time soon. We created a service that allows your business the ability to interact with potential customers instead of being lost in the noise! We have a firm belief in the thought that if you are not ahead of your competitors you are behind them. This is why we are constantly searching for the most advanced technologies to utilize in our services. This means you also are going to be ahead of the pack when you work with us..... and that is something we can all benefit from.

Industries´╗┐ We Serve:

Real Estate

We have worked closely with some of the leading real estate brokerages to offer a service that assists agents in not only selling their listings but  to bring on new clients to begin with. In a tough market like Calgary, the agents we work with differentiate themselves from their competition due to the level of marketing and expertise they bring through utilizing 3D Photography Technology

Simply put, YYC 3D brings the world to your listings. By offering both traditional and 3D real estate photography we help you create a 24 hour open house that can be explored by anyone at their leisure, creating less disruption to your listing clients, and increasing the chances of attracting REAL buyers, not time wasters.


Builders 3d cameras

Share milestone achievements with your clients from the safety of their own home.  Communicate with multiple sub-trades while improving accountability, saving you time.


3D Photography For Hotels

Help guests envision the ideal trip and immerse them in the sights of your hotel ensuring they book and upgrade with you.

Public Venues

Photography Event

Give your future brides and event planners the convenience and efficiency they desire: the experience of being able to visualize the space and how their event could form from anywhere in the world.

Home Insurance

Photography for home insurance

Create a 3D record of your home and its belongings.  Use this visual document when filing a claim with your insurance company.  


Commercial Spaces

Showcase the unique features of your location, driving more business and rental opportunities to your restaurant.

Commercial Spaces

3D Photography for Restaurants

Let your customers explore your space showing them what differentiates you. Perfect for clothing stores, yoga studios, art galleries, and spas.

Experience 3D Photography For Yourself:


We Are Proud To Be

One Of The First Matterport 3D Photographers In ´╗┐Canada´╗┐! 

What Is Matterport 3D Camera Technology?

YYC 3D uses Matterport technology to create a seamless self guided walkthrough of your showing. We produce a visually stimulating and immersive 3D model of your space; capturing the colours and contours while using an array of 2D and 3D sensors to quickly capture HDR images and space. Our 3D Showcase allows anybody to interact with the 3D models anywhere using only the browser on your tablet, smartphone or laptop.

Be Able To Share With Ease

Sharing and imbedding the self guided 3D model into your webpages and listings is quick and easy. We guarantee a 24 hour turn around and will help you with the back end if needed: no downloads or plugins required. Other laser-based camera systems are cumbersome, expensive and take days to create a 3D model. With us, it the process is handled professionally from start to finish, so you don't have to worry about anything.


We Are Building a Network of Referrals

At YYC 3D we know that you can be great at a few things or good at a lot of things: we decided to be great at a few. However our clients are busy and want the ease of a one stop shop, with this in mind, we have teamed up with some of the best in their field to create a seamless experience.

We focus on 3D photography and becoming the best 3D photographers available, and if you are the best in your field we would love to talk to you about becoming an affiliate. It's pretty simple,we will refer your business, and exchange you refer our business. Win-win.